• Recessed Slim Potlight

4″ Recessed Slim Potlight Color Changeable/Dimmable 2700K-5000K


Brand VyBuild
Light Warmth 5000K/4000K/3500K/3000K/2700K-5CCT
Style Slim/Modern
Color White
Light fixture form Recessed
Room type Living room/basement/bedroom/bathroom/hallway/soffit/guest room/kitchen/ETC
Product Dimensions 10L x 6.5W x 3.5H Centimetres

Note for European countries users:
Please be aware that sizes may differ slightly from those commonly used in Europe countries. It is important to select one size larger than usual when making your purchase.

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4″ Recessed Slim Potlight Color Changeable/Dimmable 2700K-5000K

Introducing VY Build’s Dimmable LED Recessed Lights, a perfect lighting solution for both residential and commercial spaces. These high-quality LED lights are ETL certified, ensuring reliability and safety in their operation.

One standout feature of these recessed lights is their adjustable 5CCT (Correlated Color Temperature) range, which allows you to customize the light output according to your preference. With a range from 2700-5000 K, you can easily switch between warm white, cool white, and daylight color temperatures to create the desired ambiance in any room.

The VY Build’s Dimmable LED Recessed Lights are designed to be energy-efficient while delivering exceptional brightness. With only 9 watts of power consumption, these lights provide a significant reduction in energy usage compared to traditional lighting options. Despite their low wattage, they offer high brightness that ensures proper illumination in any space.

Featuring a CRI (Color Rendering Index) of 80, these recessed lights accurately showcase the true colors of objects and surfaces in their natural light. This ensures vibrant and lifelike illumination that enhances the visual aesthetics of any environment.

Operating at a voltage range of 110-130V, these recessed lights are compatible with standard household electrical systems, making installation hassle-free.

Whether it’s for residential spaces, offices, retail outlets, or any other setting, VY Build’s Dimmable LED Recessed Lights provide long-lasting, energy-efficient lighting with exceptional color rendering. Enhance your space with this versatile and reliable lighting solution.


Weight 0.70 g
Dimensions 7 × 7 × 3 cm


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