About Us


VY Build is Prince Edward Island’s leader in sustainable, energy efficient products and materials. We strive to provide the highest quality at the most affordable price. We currently work with Customers in Prince Edward Island, New Brunswick and Nova Scotia to usher in a revolution that will change the way we live for the better.
Small changes make big differences. We consider every part of a home—everything from appliances to windows to the floors—fully customizing it to serve outstanding function and form. We offer state-of-the-art German CarbonTherm technology hidden in the floors and ceilings provide energy efficient radiant heat, while our array of three-paned windows can protect you from the frigid Canadian winters. Beautifully designed European kitchens are built to last, perfect for every culinary adventure. Shop now to take advantage of our products that are designed for energy efficient construction.
At VY Build, we believe every Islander should have access to a quality and sustainable home. Building for the future ensures substantial reductions in utility costs, saving you money and offering peace of mind that your comfort comes at no expense to the environment. Because we want to help every construction company to always consider our impact on the earth—our offerings and products focus significantly on reducing net carbon footprints. With each new product and material we offer, we drive towards a better and cleaner world for the future.