L-Shaped kitchen Cabinets Flash 503


Order L-Shaped kitchen Cabinets Flash 503, a complete high quality Kitchen made in Germany customized to your kitchen sizes for a fixed price !

Design and convenience!

Good design and exceptional convenience go hand in hand in this kitchen suggestion. The island solution is a real eye-catcher that shortens distances for prepping and cooking meals.

Note for European countries users:
Please be aware that sizes may differ slightly from those commonly used in Europe countries. It is important to select one size larger than usual when making your purchase.

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Order L-Shaped kitchen Cabinets Flash 503, a complete high quality Kitchen made in Germany customized to your kitchen sizes for a fixed price !

Complete Kitchen Cabinets L shaped Model Flash 503 (Proposed Design idea)

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Included :

Kitchen planning with 2 revisions ( Houseplan required )

  • 36″ Fridge housing with top flap door cabinet
  • 24″ Base Cabinet with 3 drawers
  • 31 1/2″ Kitchen sink cabinet with doors or drawers
  • 2 Base cabinet panels for Dishwasher housing
  • 20″ Base Cabinet with door
  • 1 Corner Base cabinet Lazy Susan
  • 35 ” Base cabinet with drawers
  • 17″ Wall Cabinet with door
  • 12″ Wall Cabinet with door
  • 12″ Wall Cabinet with door
  • Corner Cabinet with door
  • 12″ Wall Cabinet with door
  • 36″ wall Cabinet with double doors
  • All wall Cabinets with shelving
  • Recessed handles
  • Wall Cabinets including LED light outside at the bottom
  • Including high quality wooden Countertop  

L-Shaped kitchen Cabinets Flash 503

Design and convenience!

Introducing the Flash 503: German Kitchen Design Redefined with Unmatched Customization Options

Experience the pinnacle of German kitchen design with the Flash 503 – an innovative masterpiece inspired by the offerings on mega-kitchen.ca. This exceptional kitchen brings together unrivaled style and functionality, setting a new standard for culinary spaces.

At the heart of the Flash 503 is our commitment to individual customization, just like the website mega-kitchen.ca. We understand that a kitchen should be a reflection of your unique taste and lifestyle. With the Flash 503, you have the power to personalize every aspect, from materials and finishes to layouts and accessories, creating a kitchen that is truly yours.

Choose from an extensive range of design options, including customizable fronts, handles, carcases, worktops, and niche claddings, to bring your dream kitchen to life. Whether you desire a sleek modern look or a cozy traditional design, the Flash 503 seamlessly adapts to your vision, giving you the freedom to create a space that perfectly suits your style.

But the Flash 503 is not just about aesthetics. It combines intelligent features and cutting-edge technology to enhance your culinary experience. With innovative storage solutions, ergonomic designs, and state-of-the-art appliances, this kitchen design effortlessly integrates style with functionality, making cooking and entertaining a pleasure.

Crafted with precision and attention to detail, the Flash 503 is engineered to last. Made with premium materials and German craftsmanship, this kitchen is built to withstand the test of time, ensuring years of enjoyment and satisfaction.

Reimagine your kitchen with the Flash 503 – where German precision meets limitless customization. Visit our website or contact us to explore the endless possibilities and embark on a journey to create a kitchen that truly reflects your individuality. The Flash 503 – redefining German kitchen design one customization at a time.

FLASH 503 (mega-kitchen.ca)


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