Doors and windows

Before we begin

What you need to know
The OSBLOCK™ system greatly simplifies the installation of doors and windows.

Every block measures 11′ 3/4” of height so the OSBLOCK™ row will adjust to the standard height of doors and windows (84” at the top).

Doors and windows openings chart

Consult the chart below to find the best  fit for your windows and avoid cutting the OSBLOCK™ on the horizontal to fit your frames.

* 6’ft. and over openings will require a 2 X 6 vertical jamb to support the lintel.

7ft. and less

Use the OSBLOCK™ as lintel

7ft. and over

Use a LVL beam as lintel

Fit the block

Cut the horizontal tenon inside the opening.

Vertical jamb

If the opening is over 6ft., install a 2″ x 6″ vertical piece to reinforce the structure.

Close to a corner

For doors or windows installed less than 12” from a corner of the construction, we recommend traditional blowing (piece of wood and insulation).

Using a lvl beam?

Enlarge the mortise

Remove about 1/8’’ on each side of the mortise with your saw.

Build a beam

Place the first LVL at the bottom of the mortise. Then screw and glue the other 2 LVLs on each side of the first to make a solid beam. Insulate it with 2” thick foam to give the same finish as your OSBLOCK™ wall.

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