Final steps

Sealing the walls

Once your walls are erected, doors and windows openings made and your ending rail fixed, you need to make sure the structure is sealed using urethane.

Pay a special attention to the corner joints.

Walls bottom

A strip of rigid insulation must be installed at the bottom of all your interior and exterior walls. Apply urethane foam and fix the rigid insulation and screw the OSB strip that came with the OSBLOCK™ load to cover it.

Exterior finish

Finalize the exterior construction with air-barrier, strapping and siding.

Interior finish

Install your electrical boxes by removing a thin layer of insulation and attach them to the heart of the block.

Then run your electric wires behind the furring strips in the grooves.

Finish by fixing your interior covering (Gypsum or other) directly on the furring of the OSBLOCK™.

*No air-barrier required.

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