Pro Plug Fascia System 1-7/8 Stainless 100pcs


Note for European countries users:
Please be aware that sizes may differ slightly from those commonly used in Europe countries. It is important to select one size larger than usual when making your purchase.




    Hidden fastening system that securely fastens deck fascia and cladding while also allowing boards to expand and contract freely. Precision cut plugs are made from actual fascia material. Installation is a three-step process utilizing a predrilling tool and a setting tool (sold as a tool set) and screws and plugs. All components must be used together as instructed to ensure proper function.


    • Fascia Plug Tool predrills an over-sized hole so that the board can expand and contract freely and provides a pre-set countersink that matches the diameter and depth of screw and plug
    • Free spinning stop collar on Fascia Plug Tool prevents damage to the board surface
    • PVC/Composite Tool with Fascia Bit sets screw to proper depth and eliminates overdriving screw
    • Screws feature Type 17 auger tip for faster, easier insertion and to help prevent splitting
    • Kit packaging includes screws and plugs (Fascia Plug Tool Set sold separately)

    Follow all fascia manufacturer instructions, including specifications for screw spacing, edge/ end distances, and gapping.

    • Fit setting tool with application specific driver bit, marked “FSCA”.
    • Predrill with the Fascia Plug Tool until the collar stops spinning.
    • Drive the screw with the PVC/Composite Tool using a standard drill on high speed.
    • Do not use impact driver with setting tool.
    • The setting tool’s Auto-Stop™ mechanism will make a “pop” sound when the screw is set to the correct depth. (Do not hesitate or slow down while driving.)
    • Insert plug into hole and tap with a smooth-faced hammer until the plug is flush with board.


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