Polyurethane Coated Gloves,13 Gauge, Polyester Shell 12 Pairs


Foam Nitrile Safety Gloves with a Polyester Shell, the perfect combination of comfort, dexterity, and protection for a variety of applications. Designed with advanced features, these gloves are built to maximize performance and ensure your hands stay safe and comfortable throughout the day.

The ultra-light nitrile foam palm coating offers maximum breathability, allowing air to circulate and keep your hands cool. This also enhances tactile sensitivity, giving you precise control and grip, even in delicate tasks.

The 13-gauge seamless polyester shell adds another layer of comfort, providing a cool and comfortable fit. The lightweight material ensures flexibility and dexterity, allowing you to move your hands freely and perform tasks with ease.

Not only do these gloves offer superior comfort, but they also deliver excellent wet grip performance. This is crucial in environments where handling wet or slippery objects is common, as it reduces the risk of accidents and hand fatigue.

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Polyurethane Coated 13 Gauge Safety Work Gloves in a Polyester Shell, designed to provide premium comfort, breathability, and protection to your hands. These gloves are built with advanced features to ensure ultimate dexterity while reducing hand fatigue and keeping your hands dry and cool during work hours.

The excellent abrasion resistance of these gloves ensures that they can withstand harsh environments and continue providing reliable protection. This feature is crucial in work environments where protection against abrasion is required, ensuring that the gloves last for an extended period.

Made from 13-gauge seamless polyester knit, these gloves offer superior dexterity, reducing hand fatigue and giving you optimal control in delicate tasks. This feature also makes it possible for the gloves to provide premium comfort and breathability, ensuring that your hands remain cool and dry throughout the day.

The ultra-soft polyurethane coated palm provides superior dry grip. The grip ensures that you can hold objects firmly, reducing the risk of accidents. This feature is particularly useful in manufacturing, electronics assembly, and clean room environments, among other applications.

These gloves come with a knit wrist feature, which ensures that your gloves provide a tight fit, keeping dirt and debris out. This feature is essential in quality control and clean room environments, where hygiene is crucial, ensuring that your gloves remain clean and debris-free.

These gloves are versatile and suitable for applications in clean room industries, quality control, electronics assembly, general manufacturing, and other environments. They are engineered to provide the necessary protection and grip needed for optimal performance.

The polyester liner of these gloves has inherent hydrophobic properties that dry the lining quickly after getting wet. This feature is practical and convenient, reducing downtime, and enhancing productivity.

Upgrade your hand protection with our Polyurethane Coated 13 Gauge Safety Work Gloves in a Polyester Shell. These gloves provide the ultimate protection, comfort, and flexibility to keep your hands safe in harsh work environments. They are engineered to stand the test of time, providing value for money and maximum safety.

  • 12 Pairs
  • Excellent abrasion resistance
  • Premium comfort and breathability
  • 13-gauge seamless polyester knit provides ultimate dexterity and reduces hand fatigue
  • Superior dry grip
  • Ultra soft polyurethane coated palm
  • Knit wrist
  • Applications: Clean room environments, quality control, electronics assembly and general manufacturing
  • Polyester liner has inherent hydrophobic properties which dry the liner quickly after getting wet


[6/X-Smal] [7/Small ] [8/Medium] [9/Large] [10/XLarge] [11/2X-Large]
Shell Material
Coating Style
Dipped Palm
Inner Lining
Sold/Priced Per


Case Quantity
Cuff Style
EN 388 Performance Levels
EN 420 Dexterity Level
Weight 0.58 g
Dimensions 24 × 6.34 × 12.8 cm


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