Electrical Octagon Box


Features of Electrical Octagon Box

Brand VyBuild
Color Blue
Insulated No
Installation type Screw on

Note for European countries users:
Please be aware that sizes may differ slightly from those commonly used in Europe countries. It is important to select one size larger than usual when making your purchase.

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The Electrical Octagon Box is a high-quality, durable enclosure designed for housing electrical connections, switches in a safe, organized manner. This essential electrical accessory is crafted from heavy-duty plastic, providing sturdy protection against potential damage and safety hazards. The box features easy-to-install design and accessible openings for hassle-free wire routing and connection. With its robust construction, this electrical box ensures a long service life and meets all industry standards, offering safety, reliability, and convenience for any electrical system installation or repair. Its sleek design blends easily with any wall surface, ensuring an aesthetic and professional finish. This range/dryer box is ideal for both residential and commercial settings.

Weight 0.3 g
Dimensions 4 × 4 × 3 cm


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